21 Chefs Share Crucial Cooking Tips And Tricks That Everyone Should Know.

1/21 Use a proper knife and cutting board. Learn to take care of your knife. Try not to cut yourself. I have met many people who don’t enjoy cooking because of how difficult it is to cut anything. This should never be the case.

2/21 I honestly don’t know how so many people can cook without salt and pepper. Whenever anything or anyone says season the food. Only use salt and pepper. I usually use Kosher Salt (in those boxes. I like the texture) and freshly ground pepper. White, green, red and black peppers are just varying degrees of ripeness or the peppercorn fruit. PROTIP – White pepper powder cauterized wounds without any burning or stinging.

3/21 Steaks continue to cook even off the grill.

4/21 Match flavors. If you’re cooking something with bacon, use the bacon fat to saute your vegetables. Cook a steak with butter. Use white wine if the food you’re cooking is light in color. Use red wine if the food is dark in color. Don’t use butter if you’re cooking vegetarian. Don’t add chicken stock to a beef based dish. (There are, or course, some exceptions to this rule. That is for a later time though…)

5/21 Cooking chicken alfredo? Season the chicken, season the pasta, season the sauce. Never assume that one flavor element will permeate the whole dish. The difference between a $1 plate of pasta and a $12 plate of pasta is putting the right amount of salt in the water.

6/21 Don’t discount a good stock. Every time I cook something I save the bones to use for stock. Basic stock is: Water, Carrots, Celery, Onions, bones. Feel free to add a little something else, but never salt or pepper because you don’t want a stock to add any saltiness to your meal.

7/21 Chop with the rear part of the blade, not the tip, in a rolling motion.

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